Ho Chi Minh City: Building a safe, beautiful and energy-saving neighborhood

On the morning of March 24, the Union of Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Corporation and District 6 organized a youth project with the theme: "The neighborhood has a safe, beautiful and economical electricity system" at Mai Xuan Thuong Street, Ward 4, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City.


Union members and young people clean up illegal advertisements on power poles
The union members and young people of the two units will organize to renovate the safety and beauty grid system for 2.2 km of medium voltage and 5 km of low voltage lines.

Decorating and tidying up the information and telecommunications wiring system on 330 medium and high-voltage poles.

Renovation, construction and installation of galvanometers, lines and lighting systems of 1.15 km long; clean and remove billboards, paint number of 330 electric poles.

Carrying out social work with the program "Safe light source - Civilization - Saving" including: surveying, installing and repairing electricity for working households, policy families, and families with low income. difficult circumstances for more than 100 households in the ward.

According to Director of Binh Phu Electricity Company Nguyen Van Thanh: In the first week of the project, the pilot project will be carried out at alley 157 on Mai Xuan Thuong street, after completion, it will conduct an assessment and organize the widening of the projects. other neighborhoods and wards in other localities. It is expected that in 2013 two wards of the district will be completed.